Trashbin script with btrfs support and automatic trash purge feature.

pip install trashcaron==0.1.0



Trashcaron (acronym for 'trash care python') allows you to delete files/directories to a trashbin. Moreover you can purge trashed files after a specified time for all trashbins. You can also list the size of each existing trashbin on the system.
#### Command usage ``` usage: [-h] [-d [DELETE [DELETE ...]]] [-l] [-pt PURGETIME] [-v] [-vv]

With trashcaron you can delete files to a trashbin and delete old files for all trashbins automatically after a specified amount of time.

optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit -d [DELETE [DELETE ...]], --delete [DELETE [DELETE ...]] File/Dir to be deleted -l, --listtrashsizes du for all trashbins -pt PURGETIME, --purgetime PURGETIME Purge time for all trashbins in currently mounted filesystems. Time in minutes. Just write the number of minutes. Don't append a letter to the number. -v, --info Log level: info -vv, --debug Log level: debug


#### Tips
- I'd recommend to create a bashfile in cron.daily to purge files from the trashbin automatically. To purge files
older than 10 days put e.g. this file to /etc/cron.daily/:
`/path/to/ -pt 10`
- I use these bash aliases for 

alias rm="/path/to/ -v -d" alias rmlist="sudo /path/to/ -l" alias srm="sudo /path/to/ -v -d" alias rmpurge="sudo /path/to/ -v -pt"