pip install xboxapi==0.1



This is a Python wrapper for the unofficial Xbox API

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For now you will have to install manually, as I didn't upload the initial version to pypi (pip).

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Place the xboxapi directory in your project

The only dependency is requests library.


This is a basic example of how to create a client and fetch a gamers profile information from their gamertag.

from xboxapi import Client

client = Client(api_key=<api_key>)
gamer = client.gamer('voidpirate')

profile = gamer.get('profile')

Client class constructor takes the following optional arguments except api_key.

Argument Value Short Description
api_key string api token from Xbox API
timeout int how long until the request times out (seconds)
lang string country language code (e.g. for German (de-DE))

Client class public methods.

Method Value Optional Short Description
gamer(gamertag=<string>) string xuid=<string> gamertag to lookup
calls_remaining() n/a n/a Return headers about api rate limits

A note about the gamer method. If you already know the gamers xuid you can use that instead to avoid an additional api call when using only a gamertag.

Gamer class public methods, returned from gamer method in Client.

Method Value Optional Short Description
get(method=<string>) string term=<string> API calls.
send_message(message=<string>) string n/a Send a message to gamer
send_activity(message=<string>) string n/a Update your activity feed with a message

Pagination is supported in this client and all handled through get method. It works by detecting the response header for pagination, any subsequent calls to the same api endpoint will return paged data. If another api call is made to a different endpoint, the pagination token will be cleared and results will not be paged.