Remote Mycropython WebREPL Console

pip install zepl==1.0.3



Console application for MicroPython WebREPL


Set up WebREPL on your board(s).

$ zepl 8266 -p <password>
---  Quit: Ctrl+A followed by Ctrl+X  |  Help: Ctrl+A followed by h  ---

<Ctrl+A followed by h>

--- zmq (18.0.1) - zepl - help
--- Micropython hotkeys
--- Ctrl+C Micropython Keyboard Interrupt
--- Ctrl+D Micropython Soft Reset
--- Ctrl+A Menu escape key
--- Menu keys:
---    Ctrl+A Send the menu character itself to remote
---    Ctrl+E encoding
---    Ctrl+F edit filters
---    Ctrl+L EOL mode
---    Ctrl+X Exit program
---    h Show help
---    r Micropython Machine Reset
---    v Get Version
---    l List files
---    u Upload file (prompt will be shown)
---    d Download file (prompt will be shown)

WebREPL connected

<Ctrl+A followed by Ctrl+X>

--- exit ---

$ zepl -h
Usage: zepl [-h] [-p PASSWORD] [--encoding CODEC] [-f NAME]
            [--eol {CR,LF,CRLF}] [--raw] [--menu-char NUM] [--exit-char NUM]
            [ip] [port]

Zepl - A simple remote terminal program for Micropython webREPL

positional arguments:
  ip                    hostname or ip
  port                  set port, default: 8266

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

data handling:
  -p PASSWORD, --password PASSWORD
                        Password for WebREPL login
  --encoding CODEC      set the encoding for the serial port (e.g. hexlify,
                        Latin1, UTF-8), default: UTF-8
  -f NAME, --filter NAME
                        add text transformation
  --eol {CR,LF,CRLF}    end of line mode
  --raw                 Do no apply any encodings/transformations

  --menu-char NUM       Unicode code of special character that is used as menu
                        key, default: Ctrl+A
  --exit-char NUM       Unicode code of special character that is used as exit
                        key, default: Ctrl+X

  -q, --quiet           suppress non-error messages


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