Collection of usefull algorithms and other very disparate stuff

python, standard-library
pip install xoutil==2.1.9


xoutil is a collection of disparate utilities that does not conform a framework for anything. xoutil is essentially -but not exclusively- an extension to the Python's standard library.

In xoutil you will probably find:

  • Tools that must be implemented in the Python Standard Library, but there are things that escape from the Guido's scope. ;)

  • Components that belong naturally to the "Common Systems Layer" [2].

  • Compatibility solvers for major versions issues[1]. See xoutil.eight.


    Starting with xoutil 2.0, support for Python 2 is no longer supported. Use a version of xoutil 1.9.x to have the latest developments with Python 2 support.

[1] Yes!, yet another solution for this. ;)